Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Radio in Africa

Today, I was part of a group presentation on "How colonialisation has influenced the media sysytems in Africa". It was just amazing to find out for how long the white man had manipulated Africa. What is more interesting is to know how Britain had hold on to sovereignty and for how long the English Language has subordinated other languages.

Will Africa ever come out of this supression? I asked myself so many questions that I had no immediate answers to in the near future.

Broadcast medium has been under colonial hands and this control was handed over to governments as countries gained independence. This mode of communication is a very big PROPAGANDA tool for politicians and this explains why the government will always have a firm grip over radio and television.

Is the African media's war for freedom and less manipulations by state machinary similar to those fought in Europe and America in the early 19th century? I ask this question becuase Europeans seems to think that all in Africa is dark and that they did not go through a similar phases.

Lets see if like them, Africa will one day have a dawn. ... no matter how long it takes.
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