Friday, September 10, 2010

Life's Challenges

The past days have not been very friendly to me and my colleaques. We had secured a new office space and was due to move since March. This move did not stop dragging on untill we finally moved last weekend.

Look at this. Telkom had been unable to get telephone lines for us all this while. They got it and finally came to install the lines on the 2nd of September, then we found out that we have to move on the 3rd or that weekend because our PBX will be moved also.
What time were we left with to clean the new officed, pack our boxes, call the removal trucks, move to the new offices, allocate seating arrangements, unpack the boxes, call in the necessary technicians to configure telephones, computers, intercom, etc etc before we start work on Monday? Then on top of all these, I have to be in class on Monday too. No doubt I was in such a state till today.

Eiiiich, I'm still very very exhausted.
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