Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do Greetings matter?

I am thinking aloud here as a parent. You know when I go around the streets of Johannesburg and especially when I watch teenagers on Television, I tell myself that kids these days have no respect and no sense of culture. I Actually sat down to reflect and then concluded that it could be because parents are too busy to instill these cultures in them. Is it not true they say that we have to lead by example?

On the streets, on queues in shops and banks, in the lifts and even in churches, I have hardly been greeted by someone I do not know. When I greet, responses are not that warm. Honestly I do not approve of the fake smile people give me when our eyes meet. I have decided to frown at that instead, and to give such a person a funny look. I was actually surprised the other day when I greeted 2 ladies in a lift and none of them responded. I repeated my greeting in a more firm manner and after responding one lady said "Oh we do not greet each other here in Wits. People are just busy thinking about work and studies" I ignored her in anger because my response would not have been as pleasant as she expected given by the smile she wore.

If adults do not greet each other and lack the courtesy to respond to greetings, how then do I expect my 5year-old to greet anyone out of their house? It is really a 'rotten' society but I beg you all as parents and adults, we must remember that the duty is ours for the type of leaders we expect to have in future.
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