Tuesday, October 19, 2010


When will a monkey get accepted by the human beings who run the earth and reign the economy? It was so disheartening last weekend for me to find out what happened to a Cameroonian born football Player in Spain. I though for a creature of that nature (I dare not call him a human being for the sake of my racist white readers) who brings so much joy to football fans, he would be seen as just a football player.

Eto'o Fils has made them celebrate, he has brought them joy, make them money, yet all they do is call him a MONKEY? Well educted people, where does all this take us? Does it really pay a person to degrade another so much? Were we not all born 9 months after swimming in our mothers wombs? conceived of sperms from our fathers? Are we not all created by the Devine being we worship? If Eto'o came from the forest and all the racist white people in Spain were born in hospitals, then I say to them Keep up your racist attitude for you are well too superior a human being than any BLACK Person.
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