Friday, November 26, 2010

16 Days of Activism against violence on women and children

In South Africa, we are celebrating 16 days of activism against violence on women and children. Each time this campaign is launched, it kept me thinking;
How many women truly suffer violence of any type from their male partners, friends and relatives?
How many men deliberately inflict pains on their female partners and relatives?
In cultures like many across Africa, it is the man's place to treat his woman like a subordinate. The women therefore refuse to acknowledge that certain practices; for instance giving your male partner every cent you earn is a form of abuse.
I thought of highlighting it here that violence is not only physical. It could be both psychological and emotional. Cheating on a partner inflicts emotional pains while asking a women to always stoop to serve you is a form of torture. Do you imagine how emotionally drained a faithful wife can be to fine out that her man does not give her the respect of chastity? Imagine yourself being treated on a daily bases as a second-class citizen? How do you feel? She feels that pain too.
I am in no way insinuating that the man and the woman are equal. Neither am I supporting the fact that a child is the man's property. Yes God made us all with different materials. I diverse atmosphere that accommodate others would suit a man, a woman and a child. I free world can only be made possible by you and I. I please to all my readers to stand up against violence on Women, children and even men.
Thank you for reading.
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