Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mandela is Invincible also

Like a clock, it clicked on South African, Africans and everyone around the globe that "From dust we are made and to dust we shall return". This happened so fast and in such a manner that not even Nelson Mandela has pre-empt.
When I woke up last week to the news that Papa Mandela was sick, and has been admitted in hospital, the first thing that came to my mind was "... I now see the reason for so much rains this year. Is the weather telling us that a great man is falling" The hype around it all did not ease my feelings. I kept saying to myself in fear of letting anyone know. What will became of South Africa tomorrow? Tomorrow I thought because Mandela was in my opinion dying.
I thank God for giving this man many more days to go by. He shall die one day but please God not today and not in this life time. Many of us share this thought. Either aloud or in secret. But I ask; Would you rather die in his place?
Let me know if you would.
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