Monday, March 14, 2011

iPad Marketer is Shanon Fru

It was on the second day of march when teacher Sue of Sacred Heart College Preprimary School approached me to say that my son (Shanon) will be doing a marketing campaign for Apple Computer on the 9th of March in Hyde Park-Johannesburg. I did not take it serious until when I was approached on the 4th with the dress code and his speech. Before I tried to teach him his speech, Shanon could rehearse it all and even do actions in the air.

On the eve of the campaign, I found myself shopping for a new pair of sports shoes for this boy to wear, gave orders for his uniforms to be prepared (the best of all pairs of course) and took him out for a hair cut before going home that afternoon.

Came the morning of the 9th, mum and dad seemed more nervous than Shanon was. We asked him to say his speech over and over again until the litle boy cried out to say he is tired. We left for school that morning with Shanon wearing a normal pair of clothing with his uniform kept for a change. "We will have to be there at 3pm, and this means I shall fetch you at 1pm so we take your sisters home" I told him as we parted. "Okay Mumy, make sure you are here late because I don't want to be late". I smiled off wondering if he knew the real meaning of what he just said.

At exactly 14:45pm, we were at the Nu-Metro Cinema at Hyde Park waiting in Hall 8 as the crew and team set up. There came the Microphone and the boy rehearsing over and over and over again. As every second passed by, I got more tense with daddy sitting as composed as he has always been. As we make the boy gain confidence by the mike and cameras, we realised that Stacey his 4 year-old sister has fallen in-love with the cameras and mikes too.
I think by suggesting that we take her and Baby Synclaire along, daddy was quite sure that Stacey will love the stage as was his aim.

I could never be so pround. Speaker after speaker took the stage until my 5 year-old boy's turn finally came. He did us so proud. More proud we were beacuse again, he was called up to give a video interview after the show.
Howz that?