Thursday, May 19, 2011

sick Children

It is difficult to grow up,I often say to my kids to appeal on their emotions. Imagine talking to a child and they ignore you. Imagine hitting a child yet they carry on provoking you. Imagine beating your child, a relative's or a friend's child for breaking a glass. Imagine depriving your child from something as easy as watching television.
All these thoughts are not worthy unless you loose the presence of a healthy child. It is regretable to see how frail a sick person looks. It is disturbing to see that the spoiler, breaker, etc is now an attention seeker. It is not fun to nurse a sick child. As such I leave with this short prayer.
Lord God I commit all the children of the world in your hands and ask that may you be invisibly present in the lives of all sick children and their caregivers. AMEN.