Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mammals in the womb

A human being stays for 9 months in the womb otherwise known as the human incubator, yet when they are born, the countdown starts afresh. Why? Why do we not just continue from conception? Even premature babies get counted from the day they were born and not their expected due date.
In any way the Almighty God is mighty. He created the human race in such a way that many questions are asked but few answers are given. He keeps us inquisitive forever.
Another interesting fact is that the human being is the only mammal that nurtures their offspring’s for up to and more than a year before they are free to go on their own (I mean walk) and they stay dependent for a long time. Take a look at other birds and animals; the dogs, monkeys, birds, etc. Their lil ones step out and are ready to fend for themselves shortly after they are born.
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