Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Driving During Contractions

Many pregnant women if not all will attest that be them false or real, contractions can catch us unaware and can do so any where any time, any how. It could be while you are laughing, crying, singing or paying. When pregnant, I have had bumpy rides while my contraction attacks are on. It is scary though but ... what choice do we have?
If you can share, just tell me what has your experience been?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby Shower for my Last born boy-Sydney

I would not like to load this page with pregnancy stories but ... Baby Sidney is taking too long to come out. The wait started at 37 weeks (full term) and intensified at 38 weeks. Shanon and Stacey were born just after 38 weeks and so we thought lil man shall be born around then also. However, it looks like he has chosen to pair with Synclaire who was overdue.
But like his daddy has said, let him come out when God and him are ready.
To be honest pregnancy is the most amazing thing and I do not mind feeling pregnant. All the pains and sleepless nights are worth it at the end. Imagine how quiet our house would have been without our lil bees. Imagine how boring our lives would have been and imagine how rich we would have been. At the moment, the house is busy, our lives are entertaining and we are very wealthy.

We love ypur and are all waiting for you baby Sydney.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Laugh Out Loud. Laugh like a parent.

Synclaire my two years old busy bee makes me laugh out urine now and then.
OK while pregnant for Sydney, we were watching TV with daddy lying on the couch while I was lying on the floor cos I could hardly find a comfortable position. She was in turn moving around between us.
After a short while hubby asked me if I was comfortable. I ignored him, so my lil one asked "daddy what did you say?"
Daddy said to her "ask your mother if she is comfortable"
Lil girl went "Mummy are you com, com, com, mommy what is your name?"
She can now pronounce the word but hey, I could not stop laughing as she startled.