Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Children will do chores even if they are the only children who do chores

I wonder how a house can be spotless with young children, but at the same time be a nurturing environment for them. But I also wonder how a house can be too messy that items become obstacles to free play for children. Tell me that I am wrong, but I will not allow my children's bedrooms to be tidied up by myself or my helper. In fact, I do not have time to do so and at the same time hassle for them. Unfortunately, my children have attained an age where i have made known to them that my helper is not here to babysit them either.

Washing Dishes, Soap, Sink, Bubbles

I pay her to look after my husband and I, and to groom my children. I will not allow her to tidy up my children's bathrooms, play areas and other items that they choose to use for play. In fact, They have to clean as they play. My helper is there to make the place look clean since they are young and growing.

My children have always been very excited to clean the house. However for them to love what they do, I do not overwhelm them. Like most children, mine are overwhelmed with activities outside the house. They have little time to stay home and obviously have little time to perform traditional chores. This is why I  do not exhaust them with work. I have encouraged them to do for themselves many things and to do for their father, myself and our helper as well. I hope that they grow up with the same level of enthusiasm that they currently have.

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