Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day 2016! How did those with no mothers celebrate?

As I indulge in cards, flowers and a delicious 3 course breakfast for one presented by my children and their father, the one thing that does not escape my mind is the wonder of how my mother would feel if she were to be with us at the time of such a celebration. 
A full bouquet of my day

Mother's day 2016 started differently. By 7:40 am, my first son and I were on the road to the West of Johannesburg where he was schedule to play a soccer match. As I walked out of the bedroom, I bumped into my 9 year old frying eggs. Her face was not the friendliest when I reminded her that her brother and I are off to soccer. When we came back home, I ran straight to my laptop to finish off some work that I had not done. I was stunned when my 4 year old announced his way into the bedroom by singing a made-up happy mother's day song as he matched in with a neatly decorated plate of sliced avocado, oranges and apples. He announced that 'Starter is served' 

My starter was divine

Astonished, I told him to take it to the kitchen and that I would follow him to eat there. Before I got to the kitchen, the plate was inside a tray with a rose and two cards beside it as reflected by the picture below. The cards signified the people who made the started. 
Who would not enjoy this main meal?

I read the cards, hugged my boys and then settled down to eat as I explained to them that a starter is not supposed to be sweet; less it kills your taste buds and subsequently your appetite. … But have no fear, on the contrary, my appetite increased as I ate. As soon as I finished eating the Starter, a main course was set in front of me. This time by my 9 year old, and it had three cards. This 3rd card was hers. Even though I went to soccer with their oldest brother, I noticed that his card was among the first two served with the starter, his generous siblings found reason to include his card during the main meal. A gesture that I fully appreciate; especially because they told me that each course is served with a card of the cook.

My Unique Dessert

 All four cards were later served as I was presented with the most delicious dessert mankind has ever tasted. 

I had no choice but to share

I enjoyed mother's day and it looks like as my children grow, so too are the surprises as they children keep exceeding my expectations. 
then I yearned for a kiss. That kiss

After eating, my food had hardly settled when the sharp voice of Happy Mother's Day broke my ears. On turning around, I saw the most romantic father of 4 stretching his hands towards me with a bouquet of flowers. Beautiful collection. With gratitude, I yearned to ask my spouse what he would have done should his mother have been alive. But actually what would I have done to mine? 

Child bearing is a gift, but not many are privileged to live and enjoy it to fullest. For the time that you are with your children, enjoy them to fullest. The one thing that I remember very clearly is the fact that we never for one day celebrated mother's day with my mother. We never even knew about such a day. However, if we ere to celebrate the day, my mother would have 10 cards and 10 course meals for every child that she mothered. That you cannot classify as spoil. You classify as a deserving treatment. 

Adieu my mother 
Adieu my mother-in-law 
Adieu my sister 
Adieu the many mothers who have rested in the Lord. 

Happy Mother's day in Heaven.

Victorine Mbong Shu.

Author and Conversationalist on Involved Parenting

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